Louisville Courier-Journal
October 17, 2006
By James R. Carroll

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration is not yet ready to release the Aug. 27 recordings of conversations between Blue Grass Airport's tower controller and the cockpit crew of doomed Comair Flight 5191.

"We're going to release them soon, but we don't have a firm date yet," said FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown.

The Lexington crash killed 49 of 50 people aboard and is under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

According to aviation accident investigation procedures, the FAA provides a copy of the audio tape of tower-cockpit transmissions to the NTSB. After the NTSB determines that an accurate transcript has been made, the tape is returned to the FAA and the tape and the transcript are made public.

Recordings of internal cockpit conversations are not made public for privacy reasons, but the NTSB produces a transcript of all comments relevant to the crash.